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Specialising in the design and supply of industry leading UV-C sterilisation products for industrial and commerical application.

UVON are a UK limited company who specialise in the design and marketing of highly technical robust equipment, the company enjoys an enviable depth of Industrial experience of over >75yrs within many technically challenging industry sectors such as Food & beverage, Pharma and Biotech together with Automotive, Aerospace and Oil & Gas.

This experience has given UVON a unique perspective the design of robust equipment incorporating practices that adopt Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – commonly used in the food and pharma industry to manage risk – in particular contamination control, this when combined with many years of lighting experience has placed the UVON team in an enviable position to create a cost effective and efficient solution that are capable of withstanding Industry requirements.

All UVON equipment is CE marked and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Cross Industry Product Application

UVON products have extensive practical application across many industries and are designed with safety and simplicity in mind.

Cafes & Bars
Kills Viruses & Bacteria
For Cross Industry Application

Experience & Quality

Quality British Engineering & Design

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UVON products are designed by our UK based team who bring leading industry expertise and knowledge, cutting edge design principles and a passion for customer service & satisfaction.