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UVON UV-C Cabinet For Industrial Environments

The UVON UV-C Industrial sterilisation product is designed for use within factory and warehouse environments with a focus on ease of use by workers and rapid complete virus removal from tools, equipment and objects that are shared between workers or are complex and costly to clean using conventional wipe down methods.

Key Features

  • CE certified
  • UV-C Energy levels validated by leading UK universities.
  • Robust IP65 rated cabinet.
  • Front entry handle.
  • Interlocked door that INSTANTLY removes any UV-C on entry by using tuned wavelength UV-C Adjustable timer activated. The timer will be set on shipment to ensure effectivity for Covid-19 but will also be very effective for many other bacteria and viruses.
  • Simple 240v connection – (Operating voltages between 60v – 300v)
  • Min of two UV-C generators – more if needed for bespoke applications.
  • Reflective inner surfaces to ensure maximum component coverage.
  • sustainable and efficient design - low energy consumption and mercury free.

  • Standard Cabinet Build & Dimensions

    • 500mm x 500mm x 320mm .
    • Fibre reinforced polyester material.
    • IK08 impact resistant for Industrial use
    • 600mm x 450mm x 400mm.
    • Mild steel powder coated or 304 stainless steel.

UVON @ Industrial Environments

UVON LED UV-C cabinets have a variety of applications within industrial settings from sterilisation of shared operator tools and devices, ensuring that cross contamination opportunity is significantly reduced between shift workers sharing equipment, to complete disinfection of worker personal objects and devices that have a higher risk of carrying viruses on surfaces and introduce potential risk of transmission to workplace surfaces, objects and equipment.

d awkward to clean components and machine parts are fully disinfected within seconds without the need to wait for long drying times and risk of expensive, accidental damage is eliminated.

With integrated production line solutions available, UVON UV-C bespoke tooling can be used to reduce need for additional manual cleaning steps that increase manfacturing process complexity and costs.

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Effectiveness & Quality Guaranteed

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

Complete elimination of COVID 19.

Energy Efficient

Enenrgy efficient LED driven UV-C generation

British Design & Engineering

Designed and manfactured in the United Kingdom