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UVON For Office

UVON UV-C Cabinets for Offices

The UVON UV-C sterlisation product is designed for table top placement with a focus on ease of use by workers or office visitors.

Key Features

  • Table top design with top opening lid for ease of access.
  • Standard 240v 3-pin connection.
  • Interlocked door that instantly ceases any UV-C generation on entry/opening of lid.
  • Adjustable timer activated. Device will shipped configured to ensure effectivity for Covid-19 but will also be very effective for many other bacteria and virus.
  • 100% LED generated UV-C, mercury free design
  • Reflective inner surfaces to ensure maximum component coverage.
  • Integrated Hooks to stretch masks over the UV-C generator.
  • Shelving to ensure UV-C coverage.

Standard Cabinet Build & Dimensions

  • 350mm x 350mm x 150mm.
  • Fibre reinforced polyester material or mild steel powder coated.

UVON @ The Office

With increasing cases of COVID-19 and the ongoing risk of transmission, keeping your office environment operational is an extremely difficult and challenging task.

UVON's UV-C counter top cabinet helps business ensure their sterilisation and cleaning regime is not only much more effective but faster and less complex.

Having been used in medical environments for decades, the design of UVON's UV-C for office cabinet and allows for rapid sterilisation of objects with known high potential risk of surface virus such mobile phones, keys, wallets etc at point of entry to office buildings to minimise the risks of cross contamination and virus spread.

Safe, clean and energy efficient, no specialist training is required and UVON's focus on simplistic design ensures that your employees and visitors can quickly operate the UVON device intuitively. Objects are completely sterilised within seconds with 100% proven elimination of COVID-19.

Effectiveness & Quality Guaranteed

How Our Company Works

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

Complete elimination of COVID 19.

Energy Efficient

Enenrgy efficient LED driven UV-C generation

British Design & Engineering

Designed and manfactured in the United Kingdom