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Our Product Introduction

Our Product Development Background

UVON UV-C Products Are Designed To Solve the Challenges & Complexities Of Eradicating Surface Viruses - Safely, Efficiently & Cost Effectively.

UVON & Our Products

UVON is a specialist UK based manufacturer of products that are used to rapidly eliminate surface virus load, bacteria and some spores & fungus using safe, energy efficient LED generated UV-C.

Our UV-C products are designed for use within industrial and commercial settings incorporating design solutions to meet the specific requirements of industrial environments and operations.

The Emergence Of COVID-19

In 2020 the world found itself in the grip of a global Pandemic – Covid-19. Businesses globally needed to change their methods of working in order to help slow the spread of the virus, these include many now common activities such as: social distancing, the use of face masks and more regular hand wash. For those that believe they have the virus or have been exposed to the virus self-isolation is key.

What is more difficult to control, especially in the workplace is pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic cases – this population is thought to be considerable.

Virus Transmission & Traditional Controls

The virus is known to be transferred by droplets that are touched and transferred often through touch to inlets to the body. The question posed with UVON was – how can we protect employees who must continue to work and often need to share tools or indeed touch components within a group setting?

Research showed that the most common controls implemented are based on cleaning, often with a wipe or a spray. These methods, although better than nothing, are not always effective, especially with complex shapes or components that will be impacted by moisture or chemicals. This is somewhat compounded by the need to protect against the environmental and health impacts of those chemicals themselves i.e. adding another risk to the workplace.

Masks: Virus Retention & Spread Risk

The WHO and many governments are now insisting on the use of face coverings, and whilst this is designed to prevent or reduce the aerosol effect of a sneeze for example (i.e. propelling the virus), in effect the virus is now trapped in the mask.

Given masks are now becoming a somewhat fashion statement or personalized, the virus may be on the mask for some time meaning that every time the person touches the mask and then touches another surface, the virus can spread. Chemical sterilisation of these masks on entry to a business is not possible, however, as an entry protocol these masks can be individually sterilised using UVON equipment prior to entering the facility and remove the risk.

The UVON Product Solution

In taking the challenge, the UVON team have designed and manufactured an affordable range of UV-C sterilising stations. Components are simply placed in the shielded chamber, a timer is activated and the component is sterilized using UV-C. A short burst will deactivate the virus on the surface of equipment entirely (in effect kill the virus but this is termed deactivate as theoretically the virus in not alive).

This technology is not new but in a robust industrial embodiment it rarely exists and when it does it is often of dubious origin and unvalidated whereas UVON products are entirely manufactured in the UK and have proven, validated results of complete virus deactivation.

​Cross Industriy Products & Service

UVON UV-C Products By Sector

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UVON UV-C For Industry

UVON UV-C products design for use with industrial settings incorporating design solutions to meet the specific operating requirements.

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UVON UV-C For Offices

UVON UV-C products for applications within office and commercial environments where safety and ease of use by workers is paramount.

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UVON UV-C For Retail & Service

UVON UV-C retail and service products with a compact design but still incorporating the same powerful, rapid sterilisation capability

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