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Products for Retail & Service

UVON UV-C Cabinet For Retail & Service Environments

The UVON UV-C Retail & Service sterilisation product is designed for use within retail and service environments with a focus on ease of use by workers and rapid complete virus removal from tools, equipment and objects that are shared between workers or non-disposable equipment or objects used or handled across your customer base that require mandatory sterlisation before re-use.

Key Features

  • CE certified.
  • UV-C energy levels validated by leading UK universities.
  • Robust IP65 rated cabinet.
  • Wall mounted or free standing.
  • Front entry handle.
  • Interlocked door that INSTANTLY removes any UV-C on entry by using tuned wavelength UV-C Adjustable timer activated. The timer will be set on shipment to ensure effectivity for Covid-19 but will also be very effective for many other bacteria and virus.
  • Simple 240v connection – standard 3 pin plug.
  • Single or double UV-C generator.
  • Reflective inner surfaces to ensure maximum component coverage.
  • Sustainable and efficient design - low energy consumption and mercury free.

  • Standard Cabinet Build & Dimensions

    • 400mm x 400mm x 150mm
    • Fibre reinforced polyester material or mild steel powder coated

UVON @ Retail & Service Environments

UVON LED UV-C cabinets for retail and service applications can be used for complete sterilisation of not only shared devices, personal devices but also handheld barcode scanners, card payment machines and cash.

Customer handling of your goods can lead to extended wipe down or setting aside periods (72 hours recommended) before valuable stock items can be placed back on sale racks - risking a loss of sale whilst you are focused ensuring safety and compliance of your operations for handling COVID-19. UVON UV-C cabinets can be used to prevent these delays by efficently and easily sterlising goods to be quickly returned to use or for sale.

For those operating health and beauty services, UVON UV-C units will ensure rapid decontamination of equipment between appointments such as scissors and other non-disposable tools used – reducing the time your staff have to spend manually disinfecting objects and waiting for drying times.

Businesses using a UVON UV-C device as an integral part of your COVID-19 cleaning regime will not only ensure they maximise their worker and customer safety, but also dramatically simplify their overall cleaning process minimising cleaning times and limit the need to use powerful, expensive chemical cleaning solutions and services.

Compact, energy efficient and cost effective, UVON UV-C cabinets can be quickly installed with wall mounted or floor standing options. Simple to use with no complex operational or technical setup required our UV-C cabinets can be easily operated by your workers using pre-defined settings for duration and activation for quick and easy sterilisation process execution.

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Effectiveness & Quality Guaranted

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

Complete elimination of COVID 19.

Energy Efficient

Enenrgy efficient LED driven UV-C generation

British Design & Engineering

Designed and manfactured in the United Kingdom